Time to Take Your Well-Being to the Next Level?

Margaret's Testimonial

(Magazine Editor)

I’ve known Emily for more than 10 years and have taken her yoga classes and enjoyed her therapeutic massages during that time. She is passionate about helping others on their quests to be whole individuals. When she told me she thought her new healing modality would help me process feelings of loss and guilt, I knew I had to try it. My journey was revelatory, and I am so glad Emily helped guide me toward this new level of understanding myself. 

Wesley's Testimonial

(Online Marketer)

I’ve known Emily throughout her journey to become the holistic healer and visionary that she has become. She is a brilliant person who has selflessly devoted her entire career to helping others live with joy, purpose, love, and vitality. Eight months ago, Emily guided me through a journey of self-discovery that freed me of debilitating guilt and fear. With the passage of time, I still experience 100% of the benefit I felt immediately after the journey. Years of talk therapy could not have helped me as much. I recommend Emily as that rare individual who always has clients' best interest at heart. She brings the power of her intellect, combined with her spirituality and empathy, to make a difference in everyone's life. 

Emily Wells-Perritt

Your Guide

How You Will Benefit From Your

Free Consultation Call

If you desire starting...or continuing...your journey to healing and positive change, please contact us to set up a call. Your one-on-one conversation with Emily will help her understand your needs and desires, and give you greater insight into the benefits for you. From here, she can set up a session that is just right for you.

Before the call....

Think about what you want or need to lead the life you truly want. Focus on yourself and how you would like to improve your own state of mind. Write down a few simple notes. If you can only describe how you feel now (as opposed to the life you want), then simply share that with Emily. 

During the call...

Emily will listen to your story and ask a few questions. She will explain her treatment and offer options for a session with you. She will suggest next steps for getting together...possibly identifying a time and place.

After the call...

You and Emily will confirm the date and the place, and proceed to make arrangements, as needed.

About Me

I’m Emily Wells-Perritt, Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, and member of the Association of Entheogenic Practitioners (AEP). “Entheo” is a term derived from the ancient Greek, meaning “God within.” I believe that the Divine exists within all of us, but that trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, injury, illness, and relationship strife can result in feeling disconnected from this inner Source. An Entheo Healing session draws upon my 30+ years of experience in the holistic healing arts, and may incorporate a variety of healing modalities - including bodywork, conscious breathing, yoga, dance, or medicine journeys - to help you connect – or reconnect – with your own Divinity.  Regarding medicine journeys, Emily provides microdose coaching and psychedelic preparation and integration.